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We are 14 twelfth-grade pupils (age 18) at the “Gymnasium Berchtesgaden” (“Grammar School of Berchtesgaden”). We´d like to share with you the way we sense the beauty of our stunningly gorgeous landscape, our selection of sights and places to go and much more.

For those who have heard of Berchtesgaden, it is usually because of the infamous Adolf Hitler and the “Third Reich” with their world-shaking policies. Most of our grandparents remember that evil period first-hand, but for us it is from hearsay or through our history lessons. We have become quite aware that the past can be somewhat of a burden. Fortunately things are changing. “Carry the past within yourself, reflect upon it and make your individual contribution to a better future” has become the motto for many people, including for historians. Today the name of Berchtesgaden evokes very positive feelings with many people, particularly for us. Whether you have a romantic streak or if you like our traditions, have a sporty side and are looking for thrills, Berchtesgaden offers numerous possibilities. Experience the adrenalin rush from mountain biking or skiing on Berchtesgaden’s most enthralling trails or by white water rafting through a fresh mountain river. Stay Wild! For nature enthusiasts the “Berchtesgaden National Park” takes you into a world of fairy tales. I almost feel like Pocahontas when I am there in the heart of nature. Discover the legend of the “Watzmann” mountains. See if you can spot the “Schlafende Hexe” (“Sleeping Witch”) mountain! All this fresh mountain air might make you hungry, so we have some tips for you from the local cuisine. Or if you are a night owl, maybe you are looking for something after dark. After one or two local beers you´ll be able to speak like the locals!

Are you ready? Let Sepp and us show you around our Berchtesgaden.

“Tradition is the handing down of the flame and not the worshipping of ashes.”

(by:   Thomas More, 1478-1535)

By: Nina


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